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Vampire Hunter D Bloodust Anime Cels
Legal Announcement
Please e-mail us with any questions/comments you may have.

Contents: Proof of License, Stolen Cels, Wholesale Program

Proof of License

To Whom it May Concern
Anime Link/ Rick Alonso is the exclusive, official distributor & licensee for the sales of the Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Animation cels.

Film Link & Urban Vision Entertainment holds all worldwide copyrights and licenses to the VHDB movie including the Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust cels, genga, douga, settei and any other material used in production of this film.

All official and licensed D cels will have an embossed logo by Film Link (FL) 
Regarding the stolen cels, please see statement below.

For any questions or comments regarding the VHDB cels, please contact Rick Alonso. (see contact info below).

Stolen Cels

Unfortunately, many cels were stolen from the studio during the process of the Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Movie production.

Since then, stolen, fake and unofficial VHDB cels have been spread throughout the market & have been located in many anime shops, websites & auction sites in Japan as well as at some American & European anime cels websites.

Cels that do not have the "FL" embossed logo may be part of the fake or stolen lot of cels and are NOT official VHDB cels.

If you have purchased a Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust cel from a) Anime Link, or b) an official Anime Link sub-licensor or c) had won a cel in the Film Link International cel giveaway contest (250 cels) and wish to have it embossed, here is the procedure:

1) If you would like to have your cel embossed, please mail your cel to back to Anime Link in Los Angeles and Anime Link will pay for the return postage.  Please insure your cel to ensure its safety.


2) If you do not wish to send back your cel, please email or mail Anime Link your address and an image of the cel you purchased.  Upon verification of our records, we will mail you the Certificate of Authenticity for your cel.

If you are concerned that you have purchased an unofficial or stolen cel, please contact us and we will check it against our records.  All the cels from the studios have been inventoried.

The purchase and sale of stolen property is illegal in the United States of America.  Urban Vision/Film Link/Anime Link reserves the right to prosecute anyone selling or buying their stolen property.

Please uphold the law by refusing to buy any unofficial or stolen D cels.   We are currently taking legal action in the courts and do not want any of our customers and fans to be hurt or affected in any way!  We thank you for your help and support in this matter.

Wholesale Program

For more info on purchasing D cels for resale, please contact
Rick Alonso with your dealer name & wholesale number.


Art Mizuno
VP International Sales
Film Link International

cc: Rick Alonso, Anime Link
     Sandy Yamamoto, Urban Vision Entertainment

Anime Link
PO Box 66069
Los Angeles, CA  90066

Email: seruga@anime-link.com
Url: http://www.anime-link.com



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