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LEIJI MATSUMOTO Commission Art Project

You can now own a true one-of-a-kind, custom original painting by the legendary master
illustrator & manga-ka…..Leiji Matsumoto!!

Anime Link, through an exclusive agreement with the Sensei & his associates, is proud to announce, for a Limited Time Only, that this iconic legend LEIJI MATSUMOTO
will be offering his talent & services in accepting artwork commissions from you!! Its truly a once in a Lifetime Chance for you to own an original painting created & drawn just for you! 
A must-have for any die hard Matsumoto fan!!

The details are as follows:

1) All artworks will be created & hand painted (water color) by Leiji Matsumoto.

2) Standard size is B4, approx 10" x 14", on heavy bond water color paper. The paper size can be requested to be larger but price will vary accordingly.

3) You can choose any of his characters, mecha etc from the Matsumoto world. You can pick one or as many characters as you wish, prices will vary accordingly.
    He will not draw anything that are not his own characters or series.

4) Price varies according to number & size of the characters, as well as to the difficulty & or complexity of the requested artwork. Once your choices of the characters etc are            
    made, he will draw a rough sketch & upon your approval of it, the final price agreed upon & the deposit made, then the painting will be started.

5) Mr. Matsumoto will not personalize the painting & neither will a Certificate of Authenticity be presented. In lieu of that, he will draw a personalized shikishi
    (Japanese sign board in Black & White only) & take a photo with both the painting & the shikishi (see photo) that you keep & will be proof of its authenticity.

6) Price: starting base price is 3,000,000. yen or roughly $26K USD at the current yen rate of 115.67 yen per dollar. Payment must be in Japanese yen.
    The price is non-negotiable.

7) Deposit: There is a non-refundable deposit of 60% of the final price, due at the time the order is placed. The remaining 40% balance will be due upon the completion of
    the artwork & paid before the artwork is shipped out.

8) Payment: Bank Wire transfers or cash only…..no credit cards, personal checks, travelers checks, cashiers check or money orders are accepted.

9) Delivery time: approximately 2 months after the deposit payment is received.

10) Shipping fee & insurance:  Shipping fee included in the price, insurance coverage is up to 2,000,000. yen, buyer pays for coverage above that amount.

Please email us at seruga@anime-link.com if you have any questions!
*some terms might change without notice.


 Your name would be added to the shikishi


Some photos of actual recent art commissions for clients.......







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