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Saber Marionette
To order, please e-mail order # & price and wait for our e-mail confirmation with your FINAL total.
Cels shown may already be sold.  First come first serve basis.

Order #: smj17j

Info: w/matching production bckgrnd, no pencil sketch

Price: $300

Order #: smj21j

B3/C6 key end cel w/pencil sketch & bckgrnd


Order #: smj07j

Info: A14 end cel, w/laser bckgrnd & pencil sketch

Price: $250.

Order #: smj08j

Info: A1/B3 key end cel, matching bckgrnd, pencil sketch
& layouts

Price: $300.

Order #: smj06j   

Info: C1 key cel, w/matching background w/pencil sketch & layout rough genga




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